Vishtershnitzel On The Shelf

Vishtershnitzel On The Shelf

When I was a child growing up in Austria, my parents warned us of Vishtershnitzel, the monster tree of the north. They told of Vishtershnitzel visiting misbehaving children while they slept to feed on toes.

Start the tradition of Vishtershnitzel with your children this year by purchasing your very own VILE KYLE Vishtershnitzel on the Shelf Tree! Move it around while your kids sleep and warn them if they're not good he'll come alive and bite off their toes.
That's not weird at all!

3.5"w x 7"h freestanding print on wood
Resting on a 4" wide, blood stained snow base.
No 2 blood patterns the same!
Made with these hands!
Signed by artist (that's me)